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PP、HIPS、ABS Sheet Extrusion Line


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PP、PS package sheet/stationery decoration sheet extrusion line: PP sheet is widely used in food, electronic products and other package, different kinds of transparent, two-color,matte, three-dimensional stationery sheet. Multi-layer coextrusion lines can be customized according to customer requirements, and the output ranges from 100-1200Kg/h.

ABS, HIPS/GPPS mainly used in: refrigerator door, inner tank, drawers, water tray, water dispenser, etc., ABS/PMMA composite sanitary ware plate for: bathroom products such as bathtub, shower room, steam room, face sink. ABS/PC composite luggage plate is mainly used for: a variety of luggage cases, suitcases, leisure bags and other bags. ABS, ABS + PC alloy material automotive plate main uses: car roof, instrument board, seat backrest, car door panels, window frames, and housing of motorcycles, beach cars, strollers, golf carts.

Technical Specification
TypeSuitable materialProducts widthProducts thicknessExtruder modelDesigned capacity
YSP120—800PETPLA800 mm0.2-1.5 mm120/36600 Kg/h
YSP120—800PP800 mm0.2-2 mm120/38600 Kg/h
YSP120/65—1200PPHIPS800-1200 mm0.2-2 mm120/38   65/35800 Kg/h
YSP130—1200HIPSABS800-1200 mm0.2-2 mm130/38800 Kg/h