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PP Honeycomb Board Extrusion Line


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PP honeycomb board is a three-layer sandwich panel formed by one-time extrusion method. The two sides are thinner surface layer with honeycomb structure in the middle; According to the structure of honeycomb,there are single layer board and double layer board.

PP Honeycomb board advantages: can also be formed one time,double-side coating cloth, with light light weight, high rigidity, non-toxic environmental protection, cold resistance, soundproof, moisture insulation & heatproof and so on.

PP Honeycomb board main specifications: Thickness 3-15mm, Width 800-2100mm.
Mainly used for car truck cover board, trunk clapboard, trunk carpet substrate, side wall decoration board,interior place, and used for manufacturing different kinds of high strength pallet and packing box.

Technical Specification
TypeProducts widthProducts thicknessExtruder modelDesigned capacity
Textured  honeycomb
Bumpy  honeycomb
1000-2100mm3-15 mmP65-P65-P65