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Plate & sheet Extrusion Lines Series

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PET、PLA Sheet Extrusion Line


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PET PLA Sheet production line: characteristics with low energy consumption, simple process, convenient use and maintenance . Its unique screw combination structure greatly reduces the viscosity loss of  PET resin, symmetrical thin-walled calender to improve the cooling efficiency and improve the production capacity and sheet quality, multi-component feeding device can reasonably control the proportion of virgin material, recycling material, color masterbatch, etc., the sheet can be used in thermoforming packaging industry.

Technical Specification
TypeSuitable materialProducts widthProducts thicknessExtruder modelDesigned capacity
YSP120—1000PETPLA800 mm0.2-1.2 mm120/36500 kg/h
YSP120—1200PETPLA800-1000 mm0.2-2 mm120/38600 kg/h
YSP130—1500PETPLA1000-1300 mm0.2-2.5 mm130/38800 kg/h